Q.How do I pay for my e-toll whilst hiring a car?

A. Our rental vehicles are not fitted with an e-toll tag. You will be liable for the payment  of any tolls incurred on your hire. Full information is available from the toll web site - govia.com.au - or by calling them on 13 33 31.

You have three days from the date of going through any toll to pay, either on-line at the above link or by phone.

It is important to note that a $25 administration fee applies for processing of unpaid e-toll infringements.

Q. How old do you have to be to rent a car?

A. Select Ute and Car Rentals can only rent to drivers over the age of 21. We cannot hire to anyone under 21 years of age, provisional or learner’s license holders

Q. Is there an additional charge if there is more than one driver?

A. No Select Ute and Car Hire do not charge for additional drivers.

Q. Do we require a credit card?

Credit Card payment is required. Credit cards and valid driver’s licenses usually provide us the relevant information we require about our renters.

Q. Are there any other payment alternatives?

A. Queensland residents can pay with a Visa/Mastercard Debit card in their name, however, more information may be requested. Employers Name, Address and Phone Number at your current address is the home phone in your name. Yes: we require a copy of a current phone account no less than two months old Do you rent or own the residence you live at:
Rent: We require a copy of your rental agreement or a rent receipt within the last month
Own: A copy of your last rates notice

Q. What should I do if I have an accident?

A. First contact the police to complete an accident report and then immediately contact our office.

Q. What should I do if the vehicle breaks down?

For breakdown service contact our office and alternative arrangements can be make i.e.: arrange for the RACQ to attend to replace a flat battery.

Q. What charges apply if I exceed the kilometre allowance?

A. If you exceed the kilometre allowance you will be charged at a rate of 25 cents for every kilometre you have exceeded the allowance i.e.: kilometre allowance 200, distance traveled 315, excess kilometres 115 x 25 = $28.75

Q. Can I carry gravel in the ute?

A. Yes. Approximately ½ cubic metre

Q. What type of vehicle would you recommend for a group of 8 people?

A. The suggested vehicle would be the Toyota Tarago which would accommodate 8 people in exceptional comfort and style. This vehicle is recommended for family gatherings, sporting clubs, etc.

Q. I'm unsure how far my trip is, how can I estimate my klms?

A. Google Maps will give you an estimate of distance.

Q.What information is required to rent a vehicle

A.Your full name, current address, home phone number, work number, mobile number and current drivers license provide us with all the information we need

Q. What type of credit cards are accepted?

A. Most major credit cards are accepted

Q. Is the damage waiver compulsory?

A. Yes.

A small included daily fee will reduce your liability to $500.00

Drivers under the age of 25 have a fixed liability of $2500

International Licence holders over 25 have a minimum liability of $1500

N.B: Your liability is governed by to the information you have provided, this includes the area of travel that you have specified ie: Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba (If you travel to Cairns or Sydney for example you would not be covered for insurance and therefore liable for all damages in the case of an accident).

This also does not cover multi vehicle accidents in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Furthermore, liability applies only to those named on the contract. If any other person wishes to drive the vehicle their details must be given to Select Ute and Car Rentals and must be on the contract.

Q. Am I covered in a single vehicle accident?

A. Yes, however, liability is a non-waiverable $2500.00

Q. When do I pay for my rental?

A. Payment is processed at collection point when picking up the car for rental.

Q. How many kilometres am I entitled to on a daily basis?

A. Each vehicle has a set allowance of kilometres. Most passenger vehicles can be hire with unlimited mileage within an agreed area of use e.g.: 4 Day hire, Brisbane to the Gold Coast return.

Q. Do I pay for my fuel?

A.Yes, when you collect the vehicle it is full of fuel and upon return it must be refueled at the service station you are returning to. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel the difference will be charged to yourself.

Q. What is the best vehicle to move with?

A. We recommend the Hilux Cage as the best vehicle to move residence or large household items ie: lounge suite, dining setting

Q. Are they new vehicles?

A.Most of our rental vehicles are under 2 years old.

Q. What are your Terms and Conditions?

A. To view please click the following link: Click Me